3D visualization: Model & Render


Making custom 3D illustration in different areas from 2D information such as plans, sketches, etc ...

3D visualization is currently used for all types of projects, requiring to visualize something before producing it. In this way it is possible to evaluate the project, with affordable costs, minimize financial risk, and reduce the time required other presentations (fisical models).

Many industries, marketing, advertising, graphic designers, industrial designers, need to visualize products, packaging, buildings ... before final production, whether it's to conduct market research, and promotional campaigns, project approval, etc ...

There are several possibilities in 3D visualization, from simple sketches to finished presentation level, to hyper-realistic photo finish rendered images, which can be used not only for project approval, but also as advertising campaign images, even before you have the first finished product.

We work for all sectors. Here you can see some of the industries that often use this medium:
  • Advertising, Packaging.
  • Architecture, Real State.
  • Interior design, furniture
  • Industrial design
  • Productos de consumo, Cosmética
  • Technical Illustration
  • Fairs, Events, Stands, Exhibition
  • Logos
  • Animations (see animation)
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You can see examples of works: 3D Visualization
    Samples of process; modeling, texturing and rendering.