2D - 3D Animation


3D Animation. Another way to communicate.

Today 3D animation has many uses. We can visualize the constructive process in architecture or engineeringa works, the inner workings of a device or machinery, evaluating a new product from all sides, making an animated presentation of the evolution of a product, assembly instruction manuals, and evidently TV advertising and other media.

The animation production until recently, was only available to large budgets. Now with technological developments, animations can be developed much more affordable cost for small and medium businesses.

2D Animation

When we talk about animation, not in all cases we talk about 3D. In many cases can be 2D animation: For example the logo formation (like the example to the right), a video introduction, credit titles, web animation, etc.. ..

Graphic designers usually work in two dimensions, can give life to their creations, when the medium is broadcast media such as web, mobile, etc ..., giving an added value to your design.

    Animation 2D sample
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